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S.O.A.R! was birthed out of a mother's request for a mentor for her son. We have expanded from that one request to now offering mentorship to anyone who needs it; we have developed a niche for kids who are in Foster Care. Our program and interaction has proven to have a tremendous impact on the individuals we interact with. Out of the need to ensure that our kids have educational opportunities we now offer the Janice M. Sutton Scholarship, College Look, and the Laptop Program.

We believe our young boys and girls can be great business leaders, doctors, lawyers, business owners, beauticians and yes President of the United States. S.O.A.R's objective is to help deliver on that promise.      



Mission Statement

The mission of S.O.A.R! is to ignite, inspire, and encourage individuals to cultivate and achieve impactful change for themselves, their families and their communities. Impactful change is the transformation of one's life and community. 

Vision Statement

S.O.A.R !'s vision is to help individuals soar.

We achieved our vision through mentorship and leveraging a plan that enables individuals to utilize their resources more effectively. We promote educational opportunities by offering scholarships, college look, computers, and supplies.  


Impactful Change

Impactful change means to make changes in your life, your family, and your community that have a lasting impact.  The heights you reach become the floor for the next generation. 


Everyone can use a helping hand sometimes

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